• Written by  Hymesha Williams


3 letters that lets the world know that someone is mourning the death of a loved one. Three letters which confirm that the pain that you are feeling is real. The three letters which signify that your life has changed forever.

Death, although inevitable is never an easy pill to swallow. Dealing with the death of a loved one who has been murdered is never easy and is, in my opinion, an impossible pill to swallow. There is no "how to" book on how to grieve or specific ways that work immediately to overcome the pain.

Unfortunately, it’s a process that one must go through alone. Yes, people will offer their condolences, a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen but unless you have been through it yourself you really cannot begin to understand the pain and the feeling of emptiness it leaves coupled with the questions of why.

When does enough become enough? How much bloodshed and tears must we endure before it becomes enough, will it ever be enough?

Senseless, hate and revenge fuelled murders leave our world filled with dark, empty and cold individuals. How did we get here? How did we become so heartless? I understand that murder and death are nothing new but I honestly cannot fully understand how we ended up in this position. We are in a vicious cycle that only seems to be increasing and spreading amongst the community.

As I sit here and think about what is going on in the world I can’t help but feel sorry for us. We are fighting a battle that I feel may be stacked against us, a battle that maybe we were never meant to win. We are at war with ourselves and we are blinded by anger, pain and fail to realize that we all carry a piece of the blame.

But instead, we point the finger at everyone else and ignore the three pointing back at us.

Murder by definition is illegal and is punishable under the law but in war, when a soldier kills an ‘enemy’ it is not classified as murder. I mean why would it, after all, it is a battlefield, right? Some of you may be reading this and saying that I should not compare the two and I question you and say how could you not? Murder is murder no matter how you look at it. Now, before you stop reading I remind you that these are my opinions. 

We are at war with ourselves and we all have our own weapons of choice. Those men, women, and children in the streets have chosen their weapons and the impact of those spread throughout the community not only killing their ‘enemy’ but also crippling their family. Earth has become our battlefield and we are at war but depending on the war dictates if you are guilty of a crime based on the rules WE have created.

Hate, anger, revenge, and pain are what fuels wars. We as a people pick and choose which of those wars are worth fighting and which deaths are justified and which we should classify as a murder. It is ridiculous because we are creating a more dangerous monster with each casualty. I can be honest and raise my hand and say that I am guilty of feeling this way as I too have lost a loved one to murder and wanted revenge, but revenge doesn’t bring them back, it doesn’t make me feel better it just continues the cycle of senseless murders.

Not a day goes by that there isn’t a mother, father, child, family or friend left to bury their loved one. We rally, riot and march for #BlackLivesMatter when someone of another race kills a black man, woman or child but no one riots, rally’s or marches when there is black on black crime why? We are setting ourselves up as a community, a society for failure. Let me go back and clarify one thing, yes, some may march and appeal to the community to stop the violence but when it is black on black crime it is not nearly as big or publicized as it would be if it was opposite races.

It is almost as if we are saying to the world without actually saying it that #BlackLivesMatter only when they are murdered by someone outside of the race. So as I said we are at war with ourselves and in a war when a soldier kills an ‘enemy’ it is not considered to be murder because it is a battlefield, right? Why rally, riot, march and shout for justice for certain murders and then shrug your shoulders and simply put #RIP to others? We want things to change in the world for the better and yet we are all part of the problem. Basically, we are saying that it doesn’t matter or it doesn’t matter as much that another family has to bury their loved one because again without actually saying it, we are saying that they lost their lives because they made the wrong choices.

Senseless murders have crippled our society and for what, jealousy, hate, anger, revenge? We are living in a world where we are constantly competing against one another. We hate on another. We allow petty arguments and issues develop into weaponized fights.  We determine who and how we punish those that have taken the life of another. We have senseless murders over foolishness. It's ludicrous. Gone are the days when we truly believed YOLO, did we ever truly believe that we only live once.

I lost my brother at the hands of other human beings. My brother didn’t live a “holier than thou” life, he was in the streets, smoked and drank. I don’t condone what he did or may have done but I don’t believe his life was theirs to take. My brother’s murder was and still is not classified as a murder but an accident, a bike accident. The gruesome details were revealed in open court years later and to know that to this day his murder is still a bike accident is a slap in the face. I don’t know how my brother ended up in the position that he did and although I tried it wasn’t enough. I know what it feels like to want revenge and even hope for it but I also know that no matter what, nothing can fill the emptiness that his death left. 

To Whom It May Concern:

Many of you that are taking the lives of others or attempting to do so are hurting, angry, jealous, filled with hate and for reasons that I will never understand, believe that by stealing that persons life you will feel better. It is a cowardly act. Senseless murders leave us all feeling empty. You can’t and don’t own up to your actions. You’re like a thief in the night, stealing the life of another for what you think will be your gain when it is your demise, your life ends when they take their last breath. Regardless of how powerful and even fearless, you may feel in that moment you will forever fear for your life because of the vicious cycle we have found ourselves in. So, when will enough be enough, will it ever be enough?


  • Ray
    Ray Sunday, 30 July 2017 07:12 Comment Link

    Beautifully written. Some of the most true statements I have read for a while. Thanks for this.

  • Judy outerbridge
    Judy outerbridge Friday, 28 July 2017 14:06 Comment Link



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